Selaah Femi Bio

Mission Statement

I set my intention: To help Facilitate the re-connection of Spiritual beings with their Ancestral Line, the lost and forgotten link to our happiness and wholeness, as Humans on this Earth Plane.
Peace and Light Spiritual Family!

My desire and passion to help others began as an impressionable little girl who was always by Mommies side, watching as she soothed and cured all who entered her path, through sicknesses and adversity. And within me, an inquisitive, highly sensitive and empathic child, a desire was born to become a healer.

So with the cultural understanding of how the past affects where we now stand in our lives today, my spiritual gifts have been a blessing I am so very grateful for.

I believe the Ancestors, themselves, select the family members that will be most receptive to Ancestral communication and who will honor the great responsibility it carries. It is Alan extraordinary blessing to be chosen as the healer and a vessel to relay much needed guidance, warnings and messages from the spirit world, to your living family members.

Born with a veil, I was immediately identified as a powerful Feminine Spirit by my late Grandmother who, herself, was a highly respected and powerful generational healer with the gift of sight. So began my personal journey of initiation and training at a very YOUNG age via my grandmother and the other matriarchs of my family, in herbs, roots, sticks, water, oils, crystals, veve’s, and more, while overcoming obstacles and challenges of every day life, like every child does and I have been walking my path since that time , learning traditional religious ideologies as well as Spiritual Traditions of old, with the message my beautiful wise Grandmother left me, deeply impressed upon my mind in spirit. My grandmother told me that “ Roots give you identity, purpose and direction, so when you have reached a place of stagnation or dis-ease, seek your Ancestors for answers and the truth will be revealed, because it is always true that your Ancestors love for you is unconditional and unbreakable.”

So with that knowledge I move forward confident I can heal others and teach and activate within them their own healing abilities so everyone who enters their circle can benefit from the spiritual gifts that lie within us all…