So I just had an ANCESTRAL READING by Selaah Femi  and i am on an emotional high. I laughed because my ancestors reminisced and then we cried because we missed each other so much. She mentioned names, foods, and so much more. I have clarity & i now know the good reasons why i awake during the witching hours. She’s sincere, patient, friendly, & informative.
Abayomi Adeyemi
My goodness, my goodness!! My entire everything is so overjoyed, humbled, & so so grateful for what I experienced today/yesterday! I had a divination done by the beautifully blessed empress selaah femi  💖💖 & to be honest im still soaking it all in…The things that came forth frm my ancestors & even daughters father were profound & definitely genuine.. I cannot thankh you enough star!! &  kep heru tamu I must thankh u as well beloved💖I have so much love for the both of you its unexplainable
Nefatari Nubi Ankh
About a week ago I read a post discussing ancestors. I have never known much about mine (as my family is not close). However, I knew it was time to connect. I was drawn to a beautiful spirit Selaah Femi, to connect for a divination.

I now have more answers than I could have imagined possible and in one aspect of my life, I received closure. I cannot recall the SSTAR that suggested speaking to her, but I am most grateful Selaah Femi., thank you for connecting me to my loved ones. If you feel the need to connect. Reach out. ❤

Melly Mell
Queen I really enjoyed enjoyed my divination. She is the real deal!!! She is educational and explained everything with love and patience! I spoke directly to my ancestors!!! This ia an experience that I will never forget!!! I have a lifetime bond with this Sistah!!! Eye Love you Sis whole heartedly!!
Peace Goddess. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of my divination. I have more clarity on the path I am walking. I am so excited for what this beautiful life has in store for me. I am my Ancestors! And they live inside of me. Thank you a million times!!!! 
Peace and light
Karesha Daniels
I wanted to thank Selaah Femi for the amazoing spiritual reading i recieved from her the other day. She really helped me on so many levels. She is an amazingly gifted woman who i hope to learn from in the future. I fee blessed to have connected with her.
Nefertiti Taylor
I am literally walking like I’m 20ft tall today! Mama Selaah Femi did a divination reading on me last night & hunny let me tell you! This sister is beyond gifted! She took her time breaking things down, the process, the terminology, her practice & background…she was so Genuine, so Compassionate, so Patient! She held the space for me to ask any questions & share any concerns I had, then proceeded to explain everything in a way that even a child would understand. (This is all before the actual session began!) And to say the reading was thorough would be an understatement! We both came out of this experience with tears of joy! I feel so grounded & confident in life, she was able to receive & deliver the messages so clearly, it felt as if my guides were speaking directly to me! Regardless of what religion you practice, if your desire is to connect with your ancestors, to obtain guidance, or even just to learn more about this tradition Selaah Femi is the truth! Infinite blessings to you my sister for all the beautiful work you do! We are now connected & I am truly forever grateful!

Last eve I received another divination from Queen Selaah Femi and again it was so on point it ain’t funny! I have been going to the Queen for about 3yrs now n she is the only one I get my readings from at this point because she always follows up, always goes above n beyond to assist with any spiritual work that is required after n she always makes herself available to answer any questions or concerns I may have after. She is better than any Baba I have been too, straight up! I think it’s because she can really see bcuz she has the gift of sight very strongly n she’s not just diving with the Opele. I don’t know what it is truthfully,I just know she is able to call the correct names of my Ancestors n to me that is amazing that a complete stranger can know the names of your Ancestors without you telling them first and the things she tells me about my past, nobody could possibly know except my Ancestors. She does a lot of divinations, that I do know, cuz she is always busy so I don’t expect her to remember my Ancestors out of the hundreds she invokes for her clients.
She’s no joke! I’m preparing to get the spiritual tools she suggested so I can get the work done (Ebo’s) n I’m looking forward to the bath she is preparing for me! They are life changing and have never failed to produce positive results for me.
Thank you again Sis Selaah Femi , you always bring me peace, guidance, and clarity! May the Ancestors n Ancestresses continue to strengthen your gifts to help us all.

Kep Heru Tamu
I had a very personal spiritual reading last night from Selaah Femi omg i slept so goof from the information I received she named people in my family she couldn’t have known and these aren’t regular names anybody could have known lol she is a very beautiful person my sister is the truth.
Thank you so much Sistar i knew i was on the right path spiritually but i still needed extra confirmation.

Omg  i made a mistake and had you send spirits back that i kneew lol…smh i just talked to my mother and one man u named last night that i thought i didnt know, my mom remided me who it was. she said one just died a few weeks ago, and the one he named was his wife, and the other lady was his sister in law, that’s crazy lol… so i guess all the people who showed up were really suppose to be there lamo. i feel bad, i hope they’re not mad and the lady Alberta u named was my grand fathers mother lol u are the shit lol.

Miaesha R Jackson
Selaah Femi, all I have to say is that you truly showed out. The divination/reading that you gave me was so powerful and I’ve gained a lot from it. As I sit here looking over my notes, I get chills. Not only did you help me reconnect with my ancestors, but you’ve also helped me to really understand who I really am. “Things” have always came to me as a child, but now I know that I am on the right path to my calling. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me begin to put all the pieces together. I am not an outcast. I am a natural born healer, counselor, teacher and worker. I truly can’t thank you enough for what you have done. If you are reading this and have never experienced the abilities of her power and energy, you are truly missing out. Much love and blessings sis. Until we unite again.
June Kirksey
Recently, eye was approached by a brotha who was insistent that he do a “meditation” for me. He was entertained simply because Eye ALWAYS support the melanin line…. However, it’s important to recognize who’s intentions are influenced by Ego. It’s not necessary to go into the pitiful details, but it’s imperative when self finds truth to acknowledge and show gratitude for it.  Selaah Femi truly innerstands and operates in spirit. Gratitude overflowing for never abusing the gifts of the divine and love of the ancestors. Peace, love, and balance flowing your way beloved Goddess….Ase!
Kween Abrihet